The Charm of Custom Wedding Stamps

custom wedding stamps

What is the difference between a basic wedding invitation and a custom one? That question could be answered in a million ways, but one of the simplest answers is that the basic invitation uses the limited number of wedding appropriate stamps available at the post office, and the unique invitation will use custom wedding stamps selected by the bride and groom.

Custom wedding stamps are those that are printed on demand, but which are totally legal forms of postage. They can be found in almost any style imaginable. For example, if you wanted to actually have your engagement picture on the postage used for your wedding invitations, you could order hundreds of custom wedding stamps with this image.

This could establish one of the simplest and most affordable ways of making unique and impressive mailings without also breaking the bank. Just consider that you could order custom stamps for the save the date cards or to use for an engagement party. You can then take the best photograph from this party and use it for the bridal shower or bachelor/bachelorette invitations. You can use the very best image of the bride and groom for the stamps for the wedding invitations, and then use your favorite wedding day photograph for the thank you cards.

This would totally personalize every single mailing done for the wedding, and may even allow you to use the simplest cards and stationery while also making a very strong statement.

Choosing to use custom stamps is a new way of really designing your own wedding event. There are also a lot of pre-designed choices for custom stamps as well, and these can make it easy to select images and graphics that coordinate with your theme or stationery, but which also allow your wedding related mailings to really stand out from the crowd.

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