Dancing to Your Own Tune on Your Wedding Day

What kind of band will play at your wedding? Everyone knows that you must have one that can play oldies as well as popular music due to the age range of those who will be in attendance. Here are some wedding planning tips on choosing the music for your ceremony.

  1. Weddings usually have more people the age of the bride and groom than anyone else.
  2. No band you get can play every song that anyone at the reception will want to hear.
  3. It is your wedding and you should hear music you like, although it is thoughtful to think of others and music they will enjoy hearing.

While it is important to be congenial and caring for wedding guests, the event is planned for you and your spouse to be. Anyone who gives tips on wedding planning or is in charge of those plans is more concerned about the bride and groom than the attendees when it comes to the entertainment.

Ten years after the wedding, you will remember a band you liked, but none of the guests will remember one they didn’t like. While some of the pomp and circumstance of the wedding is not of your choosing, at least have some input as far as choosing the band.

With that said, do consider a band that knows enough older music to have some material that your and his parents will enjoy. In the event the parents are paying for the wedding, you owe it to them to discuss the entertainment plans with them.

On your big day, you want everything to fall into place, so listen to useful tips on wedding planning from those in the know. Make your arrangements so you will be happy and relaxed. Stepping into matrimony is a big commitment, so have a good time doing it.

Many brides include the entertainment chosen on their Wedding Invitations, especially if it is a popular band other guests will recognize. PM Custom Weddings is prepared to help you with your wedding stationery needs, including Wedding Stamps, Save the Date Cards, and much more in unique styles to fit your personalized wedding theme.

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Destination Weddings – A Steam Powered Riverboat Wedding

Riverboat weddings - riverboat wedding planning

Destination weddings grow in popularity on a daily basis, and couples keep coming up with some of the most creative ideas for this type of ceremony. Not everyone wants a traditional church wedding, and a popular trend of late is the steam powered riverboat wedding.

Step Back in Time on a Riverboat

How would you like to step back in time when you take your wedding vows? Consider for a moment going back to the days when stately travel was conducted on the rivers of this country, when coal powered engines pushed the paddle wheels that propelled the big steamboats through the waterways.

You don’t have to be Mark Twain to hold a love and fascination of steamboats. A garden or other outdoor wedding has nothing up on one that is conducted aboard a steamboat.

Yes, it may be more confined than some other services, but it is also more of a family affair, too, and quite an event to remember. Imagine sending out your riverboat themed wedding invitations.

Destination Wedding Themes – Creativity Possibilities Abound

There are so many ways a destination wedding theme can be used creatively in your ceremony including your stationery, gifts, decorations, party favors, entertainment, refreshments, and you might even have some good natured riverboat gambling on board at the reception.

If you get nervous at the thought of making a great many decisions about your wedding, or if you don’t want to have such an involved wedding in the first place, a steamboat wedding may be a good choice. Evening weddings as the sun sets over the water are about as romantic as you can possibly get.

Riverboat Wedding Theme is Suited to Small Wedding Parties

Those who have a large wedding entourage will have difficulty making the steamboat theme work, but for gatherings of one hundred or less, it is an excellent fit. A cruise ship might be more inline for a larger guest list.

When the wedding invitations go out, the guests are most always intrigued at the idea of destination weddings because they are a lot of fun for them, too. It gives them an excuse to travel somewhere they might not otherwise go.

Steamboat Wedding Package Options

There is often an onsite wedding coordinator who can help with preplanning so the bride and groom have little more to do than show up. Some riverboat wedding providers have packages with various options which often include entertainment, food and beverage plans, decorations, flowers, etc. Having options allows you to stay in budget and still have an incredibly memorable destination wedding event.

You will have fewer surprises with a steamboat wedding. You have a captive audience so no one shows up at the last minute to spoil the festivities. The sooner you make a commitment and send out the wedding invitations, the sooner you (and your guests) can begin to anticipate your riverboat adventure!

Riverboat Wedding Save the Date Cards invitation
Riverboat Wedding Save the Date Cards

PM Custom Weddings offers a unique selection of products to complete your destination wedding stationery needs. Save The Date Cards, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Stamps, Magnets, Postcards, Thank You Cards and more can be customized to coordinate with your riverboat wedding theme.

There is Usually a Story Behind Every Cake Topper

funny bride and groom wedding cake topper
What goes on the top of the cake has been a subject of much variation in the passing years. At one time it was a traditional bride and groom standing together, but it is also a nice way to put a signature on the cake, making it as unique as your wedding.

We devote these tips on wedding planning to the crown of the wedding cake: the topper.

Traditional Bride and Groom Cake Topper

Sometimes the topper doesn’t convey the true feelings of the bride and groom. In the movie “Grumpier Old Men,” the bride to be was appalled when her future father-in-law had the cake designed with the bride on top holding a fishing pole.

The fishing line dropped down to the groom on a lower cake tier, with the hook going around his neck. The icing caption was to be, “Looks like Melanie has landed herself another husband.” (Melanie had been married once before.)

You are not likely to choose something like that for your cake, but you still want your wedding cake to be adorned with something that makes a statement. Borrowing from traditions in other places might give you some relevant ideas.

Sapling Toppers Hail from Bermuda

For instance, Bermudian weddings often have a symbol of a sapling atop their cakes. This symbolizes a tree planted at the beginning of the marriage, which grows as the marriage does.

The sapling can come from real tree branches or be a creation of the cake maker. Additionally, the tips on wedding planning may include blooms of cake topping attached to the branch ends. This is indicative of the beginning of a budding life together. The bride and groom figurines are usually placed along with the sampling.

European Traditions Hear Bells Ringing

You may choose to pass on the bride and groom entirely. Other traditions include the wedding bells that rang to announce the completion of vows. This is a European tradition dating back eons. The bells also ran away the evil spirits that might threaten the new marriage.

A Traditional Symbol of Good Luck

The third of our tips on wedding planning cake toppers is the horseshoe. It has long been a symbol of good luck, which is always wished to the newlyweds. The horseshoe can be made of many things, either edible or a design that can be saved as a keepsake. The one thing that is most important is the direction the horseshoe faces. The two ends must face up for good luck.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Once you’ve decided on your style, choose from the great selection of Wedding Cake Toppers we found at The Wedding Channel Store! Here’s some of our favorites:

script initial cake topper
Script Initial Cake Topper
personalized acrylic heart cake topper
Personalized Acrylic Heart Cake Topper
interchangeable bride and groom cake topper
Interchangeable Cake Topper

sparkling love cake topper
Sparkling Love Cake Topper
lettered Swarovski crystal cake topper
Lettered Swarovski Crystal Cake Topper
sweetheart cake topper
Sweetheart Cake Topper

Make your announcement to walk the aisle in style with wedding stationery from PM Custom Weddings. Unique and tasteful designs abound in Wedding Stamps, Thank You Cards, Wedding Invitations, Save the Date Cards, and more.

Wedding Planning Tips on Flowers – Centerpiece Basics

wedding flower centerpieces
Can you even imagine a wedding without flowers? Out of all the tips and advice you’ll find on wedding planning, there will be plenty that has to do with flowers.

Think of the numerous uses for flowers in a wedding:

  • Decorations for both the reception and the wedding venue
  • The bridal bouquet and flowers for the bride’s hair
  • Boutonnières for groom, groomsmen, and fathers of both the bride and groom
  • Corsages for both mothers of the bride and groom
  • Maid of honor bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets
  • Flower girl, ring bearer

The most wonderful thing about flowers is there is nothing set in stone regarding what your selections must be. When it comes to centerpieces and other wedding flower creations, you have so many options.

Your arrangements can be as elegant and understand as desired, or they can be vibrantly colorful to blend in with your particular wedding theme which might be nautical, traditional, modern, classic, or even centered around a particular holiday like Christmas.

A honeysuckle bloom doesn’t feel inferior to the orchid, and actually they coexist quite well together as do many other flower combinations. Also, filler flowers are as much a part of a centerpiece as the primary flowers of choice. Goldenrod and baby’s breath might not stand alone, but they are very good supporting members of a larger cast.

One of the tips on wedding planning to remember is that the centerpiece can set the mood without being overpowering in the process. It should be visual enough to attract and, at the same time, blend in with the surroundings. Making a statement without begging to be the “center” of everyone’s attention is the exacting role of the centerpiece.

Some ideas you might consider for your centerpieces might be:

  • Yellow is a wonderful summer wedding color that is pleasing without being presumptuous. Yellow flowers among mimosa blossoms, French tulips in white and gold, and a sprinkling of strategically placed Phalaenopsis Aphrodite orchids can be quite captivating.
  • Whites and creams alongside green flowers create a luscious look that is sure to please. Bells of Ireland, carnations, snowberry, viburnum, and a minor amount of asclepias will create a setting like no other.

One of the most important wedding planning tips is that your florist is an essential information resource to guide you in choosing what will blend best together. They also know what is in season, and how best to utilize your allotted budget. Communicate both your likes and dislikes, and give your florist some freedom to make substitutions and suggestions for the best outcome.

Whether you choose classic white roses, zinnias, mums, tulips, dogwood, hydrangeas, or a combination of several different varieties such as dahlias, geraniums, orchids, and peonies, by working together with your florist your wedding flowers can be everything you always dreamed they would be.

Be sure to check out the wonderful collection of floral design Wedding Stamps that PM Custom Weddings has to offer. These stamps give a tasteful and unique touch to your outgoing wedding stationery. Be sure to have a look at their array of Save the Date Cards and Wedding Invitations while you’re there, too! You’ll find a variety of floral designs to compliment your choice of wedding flowers and your wedding color scheme.