Dancing to Your Own Tune on Your Wedding Day

What kind of band will play at your wedding? Everyone knows that you must have one that can play oldies as well as popular music due to the age range of those who will be in attendance. Here are some wedding planning tips on choosing the music for your ceremony.

  1. Weddings usually have more people the age of the bride and groom than anyone else.
  2. No band you get can play every song that anyone at the reception will want to hear.
  3. It is your wedding and you should hear music you like, although it is thoughtful to think of others and music they will enjoy hearing.

While it is important to be congenial and caring for wedding guests, the event is planned for you and your spouse to be. Anyone who gives tips on wedding planning or is in charge of those plans is more concerned about the bride and groom than the attendees when it comes to the entertainment.

Ten years after the wedding, you will remember a band you liked, but none of the guests will remember one they didn’t like. While some of the pomp and circumstance of the wedding is not of your choosing, at least have some input as far as choosing the band.

With that said, do consider a band that knows enough older music to have some material that your and his parents will enjoy. In the event the parents are paying for the wedding, you owe it to them to discuss the entertainment plans with them.

On your big day, you want everything to fall into place, so listen to useful tips on wedding planning from those in the know. Make your arrangements so you will be happy and relaxed. Stepping into matrimony is a big commitment, so have a good time doing it.

Many brides include the entertainment chosen on their Wedding Invitations, especially if it is a popular band other guests will recognize. PM Custom Weddings is prepared to help you with your wedding stationery needs, including Wedding Stamps, Save the Date Cards, and much more in unique styles to fit your personalized wedding theme.