Wedding Planning Tips on Flowers – Centerpiece Basics

wedding flower centerpieces
Can you even imagine a wedding without flowers? Out of all the tips and advice you’ll find on wedding planning, there will be plenty that has to do with flowers.

Think of the numerous uses for flowers in a wedding:

  • Decorations for both the reception and the wedding venue
  • The bridal bouquet and flowers for the bride’s hair
  • Boutonnières for groom, groomsmen, and fathers of both the bride and groom
  • Corsages for both mothers of the bride and groom
  • Maid of honor bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets
  • Flower girl, ring bearer

The most wonderful thing about flowers is there is nothing set in stone regarding what your selections must be. When it comes to centerpieces and other wedding flower creations, you have so many options.

Your arrangements can be as elegant and understand as desired, or they can be vibrantly colorful to blend in with your particular wedding theme which might be nautical, traditional, modern, classic, or even centered around a particular holiday like Christmas.

A honeysuckle bloom doesn’t feel inferior to the orchid, and actually they coexist quite well together as do many other flower combinations. Also, filler flowers are as much a part of a centerpiece as the primary flowers of choice. Goldenrod and baby’s breath might not stand alone, but they are very good supporting members of a larger cast.

One of the tips on wedding planning to remember is that the centerpiece can set the mood without being overpowering in the process. It should be visual enough to attract and, at the same time, blend in with the surroundings. Making a statement without begging to be the “center” of everyone’s attention is the exacting role of the centerpiece.

Some ideas you might consider for your centerpieces might be:

  • Yellow is a wonderful summer wedding color that is pleasing without being presumptuous. Yellow flowers among mimosa blossoms, French tulips in white and gold, and a sprinkling of strategically placed Phalaenopsis Aphrodite orchids can be quite captivating.
  • Whites and creams alongside green flowers create a luscious look that is sure to please. Bells of Ireland, carnations, snowberry, viburnum, and a minor amount of asclepias will create a setting like no other.

One of the most important wedding planning tips is that your florist is an essential information resource to guide you in choosing what will blend best together. They also know what is in season, and how best to utilize your allotted budget. Communicate both your likes and dislikes, and give your florist some freedom to make substitutions and suggestions for the best outcome.

Whether you choose classic white roses, zinnias, mums, tulips, dogwood, hydrangeas, or a combination of several different varieties such as dahlias, geraniums, orchids, and peonies, by working together with your florist your wedding flowers can be everything you always dreamed they would be.

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