Create Unique Wedding Stationery with Personalized Wedding Stamps

custom wedding photo stampsWhen your wedding is coming up, you’re going to be sending out plenty of correspondence. There are notes, thank you cards, invitations and other items that will be sent out before and after your wedding. You can make correspondence more personal when you use personalized wedding stamps.

Personalized wedding stamps are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Stamps are used to send out thank you notes and invitations. They are also used on response cards that are sent out with invitations. You can enhance the look of your envelopes by using stamps that have a wedding theme.

One of the benefits of ordering personalized wedding stamps is that you can choose the exact amount that you need for the item you’re sending. For example, rather than having to add two stamps to a heavy invitation envelope, you can order a stamp with the precise postage necessary.

Postage stamps come in a wide variety of styles and in different sizes. You can choose from many different wedding themed designs. There are stamps to suit every wedding theme and color choice. Since you need to purchase postage anyway, why not buy postage stamps that enhance and personalize your envelopes? When you buy stamps, consider all of your needs so you will purchase enough for all of your requirements. It is helpful to weigh the completed envelope to determine the precise amount of postage required. If you are unsure, take the envelope to the post office to have them tell you the postage that it will require.

Besides choosing from the many various wedding stamps available, you can also choose personalized stamps. You can choose your own photo image to be used on the stamps. This allows you to create a very unique and personal touch for your wedding and thank you envelopes.

PM Custom Weddings offers a large selection of wedding stamps, including monogram stamps, and custom photo stamps to personalize all of your wedding mailings.

Silver Hearts Wedding Stamps

Classic silver heart wedding stamps will add an elegant touch to all of your wedding mailings. The entwined hearts are a symbol of the bride and groom becoming one as a couple. Get the elegant linked silver hearts postage, or the marriage quote “two hearts, one love”, or personalized wedding stamps with the bride and groom’s names in silver hearts.

Entwined Silver Hearts Love stamps
Entwined Silver Hearts Love Stamps
Two Hearts One Love stamps
Two Hearts One Love Wedding Stamps

Personalized Silver Hearts Wedding postage stamp
Personalized Silver Hearts Wedding Postage

Wedding rings and hearts postage stamp
Wedding Rings and Hearts Postage Stamps

Elegant Wedding Stamps

Enhance your wedding invitations with our elegant wedding stamps designed in sepia tones, with beautiful wedding rings and a rose on a satin pillow trimmed with pearls. Your wedding invitations will stand out with our unique wedding stamps, available with text saying Our Wedding, Personalized Stamps with the names of the bride and groom, RSVP stamps, and Thank You stamps.

Wedding Flower postage stamp
Elegant Wedding Stamps
Wedding Flower postage stamp
Our Wedding Postage Stamps
Personalized Wedding Postage stamp
Personalized Wedding Postage
Wedding RSVP postage stamp
Wedding RSVP Stamps
Wedding Thank You postage stamp
Wedding Thank You Stamps

Using Custom Wedding Stamps

wedding stamps

If there is one thing that will always require the use of traditional “snail mail”, it is the wedding invitation. Whether it is a “save the date” card, the actual invitation, or the RSVP envelopes, however, you can really add a lot of personalization with custom wedding stamps. These are perfectly legal postage stamps, but they are not the “same old, same old” designs that are found at the post office.

No matter what the style or theme of your wedding, there are going to be plenty of custom wedding stamps from which to choose. There are some with very elegant photographs of flowers, wedding bands, and even photo collages of bridal images. There are also whimsical and cartoon-like custom wedding stamps if that is the style of your big day as well.

The important thing to remember when deciding to use these stamps for your wedding stationery is to buy in bulk, in order to ensure that you do not run out of your personal stamps, and to purchase enough for every mailing that you will do.

As already mentioned, you may need postcard style stamps for the save the date cards, stamps for the envelopes containing the entire invitations, stamps for the RSVP cards inside of the invitations, and stamps for the matching thank you notes that you send for all of the gifts you receive.

Remember too that you might want to also use these stamps for the invitations to the bridal shower, engagement party, bachelor or bachelorette events, and any other wedding related activities on your schedule of events.

Paying for postage is something that a lot of people are predicting is going to come to an end in the near future. Whether that is true or not, today you can really “style up” the mail you send by using these wedding stamps.

Show your own unique style on all of your wedding mailings with our selection of custom wedding stamps.

Cute Bride and Groom Wedding Stamps

Our cute stick figure Bride and Groom stamps will give a sweet touch to your wedding mailings. Whimsical cartoons of the Bride and Groom are available on postage with sayings such as “Please Join Us”, “I Do”, and “Happily Ever After”. These cute wedding stamps are perfect for your save the date cards, wedding invitations, and thank you cards!

Text is customizable to say what you’d like, or personalize with your names.

Happily Ever After wedding stamps
Happily Ever After wedding stamps
Please Join Us wedding stamps
Please Join Us wedding stamps

I Do wedding stamps
I Do wedding stamps

I Do postage stamps
I Do wedding stamps

Fall in Love with Fall Wedding Stamps

Autumn is a beautiful season for your perfect wedding! The colors of the turning trees provide great inspiration for your fall wedding theme. Choosing fall wedding stamps to enhance your invitations will help you set the tone for your special day, with the warm colors of the season.

Here is a featured selection of our favorite fall wedding stamps:

leaf-stamp, Fall in Love! stamp
Fall in Love Leaf Stamp
October Leaves Wedding stamp
October Leaves Wedding Stamps
Love is ... wedding heart stamp
Love is Patient… Wedding Heart Stamp
November Wedding Stamps
November Wedding Stamps

Love is in the Air Fall Wedding Stamp